Monday, June 2, 2008

Another Finished Sweater

I sent this sweater off to Mary Ann this morning. Hopefully, she will like it well enough to publish. Writing the patterns is difficult for me! I'd much rather just do it! Although I can imagine the thrill it would be to see someone wearing one of my garments! I get a big kick out of wearing them myself.

This sweater was inspired---very vaguely---by one in Interweave Knits this year. Personally, I like mine better. And the yarn---my favorite woolray---looks sooooo good in this style. Oh, how I love lace! I'm thinking of writing a book or an article on all the different ways to use lace to kick up a classic, simple sweater.

I also hemmed a pair of pants, and thought more about the June Capsule Contest. I'm going to make a jacket and pants of white silk denim, and a couple of tops. If the white woolray I have is a good shade with the denim, I'll make a lacey cardigan, too. I love knitting by machine! It opens so many possibilities!

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Claire said...

OMG!!! You designed and knitted that sweater. It's gorgeous. I'm off to check out your other posts. ;o)