Friday, May 30, 2008

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Well, after over a year of no posts to The Threadmill, I'm committing to posting regularly. Since that post, I've had my first knitting pattern published and completely renovated/improved our home! And we've spent two months in Paris. This is the official picture of my sweater on a model from!

I'm committed to the Great Coat Sew Along starting this summer, and I have several candidate fabrics I might use. There's some alpaca, some cashmere and perhaps some other coating fabrics I've forgotten. And of course, there is also the possibility of some new fabric!

In addition to the coat, I'm a member of the June Capsule Contest. Starting in June (obviously) and four garments need to be made---although one can be purchase. Also an accessory of some sort, and nothing black! Great incentive for some summer clothes---we have a trip to Cape Cod planned in late June, so I definitely need something. My ideas are not quite fixed yet.

Anyway, stayed tuned and wish me luck! I'm very happy to have some sewing/knitting goals in the immediate future.

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