Friday, November 12, 2010

Casino Night Centerpieces

Over several weeks, I spent a lot of time designing, engineering and producing 16 centerpieces for a casino night fundraiser. Since there was no budget, I wanted to accomplish something attractive, easy to transport and assemble, and low-budget. This is the result.

I cut the letters and numbers with my Sizzix die cutter---boy, is that a tool I love---and covered cake circles with green felt for the base. The center fountain-like piece is a very inexpensive mylar party decoration from WalMart. The plastic base wasn't very sturdy, so I used construction adhesive to adhere the plastic to a ceramic tile. And of course, that needed to be covered with felt, too. I just made a square to lay over the tile. Simple. Easy. Portable. A little height was needed, so my local Home Depot had some PVC pipe in the right diameter. My DH cut them to length for me, and put a slit in the top edge of each. I had some metallic paper in the stash---so old that the price tag on it was in francs not euros---and I used the Xyron to make it adhesive. A large gold star, again from the WalMart party department, and we were done! They were well-received, and I was happy! Happy to have used so many of my tools, and some of the stash as well.

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