Sunday, December 31, 2006

Food, not fashion

New Year's seems to be all about food in Paris. Oh, yes, and champagne. Even though today is Sunday, nearly all the specialty food boutiques were open in our neighborhood. We are eating chez nous tonight---too busy and too crowded to go out. The menu St. Sylvestre for us includes: paté, four or five different cheeses, roast chicken with roast potatoes, fresh green beans, lots of wonderful French bread, and la buche Keyser for dessert.

This little buchette is a delightful concoction of chocoate cake, chocolate mousse, and whipped cream. You might not be able to tell from the photo, but it is about 3" long and about 1.5" tall--not counting the garnish. Just enough for one or two.

We've already had the first course of paté and cheese. I'll heat up the chicken and potatoes, and cook the green beans in an hour or so.

Our current plan is to eat slowly and late (for us!) then go outside, walk up, and stand on one of the many bridges to watch the fireworks. However, we aren't 100% sure there will actually be fireworks. The Pariscope (clever name, eh?) lists nearly everything going on in town for the week but no mention of fireworks. Since we are located right on the river, it doesn't require too much effort for us to go out and watch. If nothing lights up the sky, we can be back home in minutes.

The weather is a bit iffy, too. The sun I hoped for today has been blown away for another day. If it is raining, we'll stay in. No promises about staying up until midnight either. You know, been there, done that.

May 2007 bring prosperity, happiness and good health to all!

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